More About Us

The Fish and Wildlife Service has long known that its greatest asset is its people and that its success as an agency is due to the contributions of those employees, both current and past.  It also recognized that a national organization of retired employees could continue to pay dividends for the agency.

With that in mind, the Service’s Heritage Committee made it a priority to recruit those who built the agency to continue to use their skills and experience, even in retirement, for the benefit of the agency and its mission.  Thus was formed The Association of Retired Fish and Wildlife Service Employees.

We are a volunteer organization of retired employees who are rightly proud of  our contributions to the Fish and Wildlife Service in its world-leading role in the conservation and management of the Nation’s natural resources.  We want to continue to contribute in whatever way we can.  We also want to ensure that the rich history and heritage of the Fish & Wildlife Service and the many contributions of its present and past employees are recognized and preserved.

By maintaining contact with current employees and the agency, retirees continue to promote the values and ideals developed during their careers.  We provide historical background and perspective to help frame the past and influence current decisions. Retired colleagues form an important and vital link in the rich history and heritage of the Service -- a chain of conservation work that is unified by shared commitment to fish, wildlife, and plants.

Click here to see the Bylaws of the Association of Retired U.S. Fish & Wildlife Employees, as revised April 14, 2016.