What's In It for Us?

Last but most certainly not least, the Association exists to help its members transition smoothly into retirement while at the same time not divorcing themselves entirely from their past life and activities.   The Association works to facilitate interaction and camaraderie among retirees and between retirees and active Service employees.  We maintain a database to assist members locate and contact former friends and colleagues.  We host a website and publish a periodic newsletter to help members keep abreast of what's going on with other retirees and what's happening within the Service and the conservation community in general.  For those who wish to continue to be involved with conservation activities and issues, the Association publishes notices of opportunities to participate in projects worldwide.

It is, however, the Retiree Reunions we plan and host that contribute most to our members' enjoyment of the retired lifestyle.  These are held periodically - about every year to 18 months - at venues throughout the country. They are a mix of social interactions among former colleagues and friends, informational workshops on how to make the most of the retirement, speakers and panel discussions on the latest conservation topics, and presentations from the Washington or Regional directorates on what is going on in the agency we once served.  Our reunions always include a relaxed evening icebreaker social, a more formal dinner banquet (and silent auction) with either entertainment or a keynote speaker, and guided tours of some of the greatest natural resource areas in the nation. A side benefit of these reunions is the bringing together of current Fish & Wildlife Service employees with the rich history of the of the career employee now retired.  But the main benefit of these reunions is that we have an absolute ball.