2012 Reunion at Charleston, South Carolina

The 2012 reunion of FWS retirees was held

February 12 to 15 in Charleston SC

At the Francis Marion Hotel in historical downtown Charleston


Sun 2/12 arrival and registration

Mon 2/13 AM morning welcomes by President Richard Coon, Ron Fowler tribute to Bob Hines, Mayor Joe Riley; South Carolina, Former South Carolina Director of DWR, John Frampton, Region 4 Regional Director Cindy Dohner/Mark Musaus, Deputy Directory Rowan Gould

Mon 2/13 PM Ron Fowler/Mark Madison Special Postage Cancelation and Dr. John Juriga memorial to Bob Hines; Helping Hands After Retirement - Charles Hasty - ICE Breaker

Tue 2/14 choice of tours to

Tour A. Cape Romain NWR and visit to Bulls Island (Cancelled due to wind and rain)
Tour B. ACE Basin and Grove Plantation House
Tour C. Charleston Tea Garden and Bears Bluff NFH

Wed 2/15 raffle, Watershed Planning and partnershihp in Practice, Business Meeting and Bylaws Revisions, Heritage Committee Meeting, Fish and Wildlife Issues - Robert Dewey, Defenders of Wildlife - 5pm group photo, 6pm Banquet

Thu 2/16 wrap up, evaluate

If you have photos or remembrances of this reunion, please contact us at web@FWSRetirees.org