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Who We Are

  • More About Us
    • The Association counts as a retiree any person who worked for the Fish & Wildlife Service and has now retired, including their spouses.
  • What We Do
    • A description of how FWS Retirees assist in the identification and preservation of important historical information, materials, and objects, and provide an understanding and appreciation of the Service’s long history and its heritage and identity.
  • What's In It for Us?
    • The Association exists to help its members transition smoothly into retirement while at the same time not divorcing themselves entirely from their past life and activities.
    • We plan and host Retiree Reunions that contribute most to our members enjoyment of the retired lifestyle.
    • Link to the Bylaws of the Association of Retired U.S. Fish & Wildlife Employees, as amended February 15, 2012
  • Lifetime Members
    • Lifetime members of the Fish and Wildife Retirees Association are a distinct group who support the Association at the highest level.  We are grateful for their support and involvement with the Association.  They come from a variety of careers and backgrounds, representing a cross section of the Fish and Wildlife Service.  We are happy to recognize them and their accomplishments! 
  • In Memorium
    • Members of the Fish and Wildife Retirees Association who have passed away 
  • 2017 Board of Directors
    • The members of the 2017 Board of Directors, including their name, position, phone number and e-mail address
  • 2017 Retiree Representatives
    • Contact info for the Retiree Representatives for each FWS Region
  • Brochure
    • Download the Membership Application/Renewal/Update


  • Upcoming Reunions (this option is only available when there's a reunion is planned)
    • Everything you need to know about the next planned reunion of FWS Retirees
  • Past Reunions
    • Information about past annual FWS Retirees reunions after 2005, organized by year and location
  • More Past Reunions
    • Information about past annual FWS Retirees reunions from 1999 to 2005, organized by year and location


Anniversaries -

  • Upcoming Station Anniversaries
    • National Fish Hatcheries
    • National Wildlife Refuges
  • Celebrations - Notices about upcoming celebrations

Projects - Descriptions and updates about projects the Association supports


  • Information about the history of the USFWS and the activities of the Heritage Committee


  • Organized by date
  • Current Newsletter always links to the most recent newsletter regardless of date
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Get Involved

  • Mentoring
    • FWS Retirees share their experiences with the next generation of biologists, refuge managers, visitor services managers, fire and law enforcement employees - resources for training and mentoring opportunities too!
  • Oral History
    • Preserving the history and heritage of the Fish and Wildlife Service is one of the primary purposes of the FWS Retirees Association
  • Volunteer Travel
    • Opportunities for FWS retirees to travel together to volunteer in other countries

Join Us

  • Apply for membership
    • What you need to know about applying for membership in the FWS Retires Association
  • Mail check payment
    • A membership application you can print, fill out, and mail in with your check
  • Pay online with credit card
    • A membership application you can fill out on-line and pay on-line too!
  • Membership List
    • Wondering if your dues is up to date or if you still need to pay? Go here to see an up-to-date list of members. Find your name and if it's listed, then you're in good standing through the year listed.